How to switch license from Professional to Modeler?

In my organization we have Modeler and Professional (floating) licenses. We know how to switch license from Modeler to Professional (f.e using License Manager), but don’t know how switch it back to Modeler.
Could you help us and let us know how to do this? :slight_smile:

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Piotr P.

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The License Manager will also allows you to switch the application back to Modeler Edition as long as license is available. BTW, you can also use the Product Selector (see ) to start the application in particular edition based on the license available on server.

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And what if we don’t have that option in Product Selector and License Manager (screenshots below)?
We automatically assign a modeler license to each user. Modeler license isn’t a floating license in our company.


Would you please send me a screenshot of the floating license module in your license server so that I can see what license is running on your server? You can send the image directly to Thanks!