How to use glossary terms in a conceptual ERD?

Trying to create a conceptual ERD using terms in a glossary but cannot find any way to add entities from terms. I can add glossary terms from entities but I need the other way around. Drag and drop terms as entities would be super. Is this possible?

Hi epmoj,

Thank you for your inquiry. Please try:

  1. In the Glossary Grid, right-click on a term and select Transit to New Model Element… from the popup menu.

  2. In the New Model Element window, select Entity (ERD) to be the model element type and click OK to confirm.

  3. Fill-in the entity details in the Transit window. You can do this step later.

  4. In the Visualize Model Element window, you can select to visualize the entity in a new diagram, or in your Conceptual ERD.

This is the result.

Please have a try.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung