How to use the "diagram info" toolbar item?


I want to include on each diagram a table containing following information:

  1. Diagram name
  2. Author name
  3. Last modified date

Of course these fields must be updated automatically.

On first sight the “Diagram Info” item in the toolbar seems ideal.
But how to add the dynamic fields, e.g. last updated on ?

Looking forward for some guidance. Thank you.

Hello Jwils,

The diagram info shape can also pickup the project management properties automatically and you can reference to the following link for more details.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hello Rain,

the articel shows the available variables for project managment property. Do you have a list with an overview of all possible variables? Not only the project managment properties.

Thank you

I raiesd the volume to max on my computer and the loud speakers I have to them, which is really loud normally, but I still couldn’t hear what this video tried to say

Hi ckuettner,

Currently we only support project management properties. Could you tell me what properties do you want to add into diagram info shape?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Hi Jick,

thank you for your answer. Actually we need no more variables. But you don’t support currently only project management properties. :smiley: You also support ${documentation}

Hi ckuettner,

You are right. :slight_smile:

Initially only name and documentation were supported. There was a user asking us to support also project management properties, and we added. :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Yes and I am still thankfull for that :-).

Having said that you now can also add items to the element documentation (under specification) this means you can grab all the codes references you need.