How to use the same lifeline for 2 sequence diagrams?

Hello everyone,

Let’s say I have 2 sequence diagrams (named SQ1 and SQ2) which are the sub-diagrams of 2 actions of my activity diagram.
In SQ1 I have 2 lifelines LL1 and LL2.
In SQ2 I have 2 lifelines LL1 and LL3.

I want LL1 to be actually shared by SQ1 and SQ2. I mean, for instance, when a scenario involving the 2 corresponding actions is generated from my activity diagram, I would like to have 3 lifelines: LL1, LL2 and LL3 (not 4).

How can I relate the 2 lifelines? How can they actually be the same object?

Thank you