How's the compatibility with Netbeans & Eclipse, on Windows/Mac/Linux - Need recommendations

I have developers working in different countries, now need to make decision on development tools and environment.

pls help, I’d ilke to know

  1. which IDE is recommended that best compatible with Netbeans & Eclipse (or other IDE) ? what are the pros & cons?

  2. How is the Visual Architect running on Windows/Mac/Linux ? is latest version of VA available for all platforms? any limitation?

Hi cherrappley,

Thank you for your post. About your questions…

  1. If you use NetBeans or Eclipse, you may consider our SDE for NetBeans or SDE for Eclipse. Note that they are two different products. Yet, their supported features are the same.

  2. Our products can run on all the three operating systems you suggested. Note that SDE for Eclipse is not available on Mac OS X.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung