Hyperlinks in Documentation text boxes?

Hi all

Although the Documentation text boxes have an HTML toggle, is this really allowing for HTML, or is it more for a toggle between Rich text and Plain text?

Basically I would like to occasionally insert hyperlinks to external sites / ec. within the documentation I enter. Since my memory is poor I can’t remember the tags to enter for a hyperlink… and when I try I get them showing up as literal text instead! If this is at all possible, can I suggest an additional button (along with the ones for bold, italics, etc.) that allows easy entry of a hyperlink?


Hi Cameron,

Yes, the documentation field really allows HTML text. With HTML toggle on, you can enter text with formatting (size, color, style…).

About the possibility of adding a button to add HTML linkage, do you think that it is easier to include the hyperlink as reference to model? To add a reference:

  1. Click on the tiny arrow icon appear on the bottom left of a shape
  2. Select Add URL…
  3. Enter the URL and the description (optional) (see image 1)
  4. Click OK

If you add a hyperlink as reference, you can visit the hyperlink easily by clicking the tiny arrow icon. (see image 2)

I will also discuss with our developers to check if we can allow adding URL to the documentation field.

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Hi Cameron,

I am glad to inform you that a new version was released yesterday. Your suggestion of supporting adding URL in documentation field is accepted and is included in the tool. For details, please read:

I hope that you will give it a try. Please feel free to let me know if there are any questions or suggestions.

Best regards,

Thanks for the update.

I just gave it a try and it seems to build a URL that is related to the workspace selected. For example, I took an existing model in my BPMN workspace folder, and in the documentation for a particular item I put in the Visual Paradigm web site’s URL (as per the instructions you provided). When I published the model and tried to access the link, here is where it was trying to go to:


which obviously won’t work. Any ideas on how to fix this / get a workaround? In some cases I want to put URLs referencing pages in our internal SharePoint portal, in others I want to reference pages / documents in the open Internet. In neither case do I want the URL to be constrained to just within the workspace.

Please advise… thanks!

Hi Cameron,

Please try to use http://www.xxxxx as hyperlink instead of www.xxxxx. This should solve the problem.

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I had the same troubles, but try to use the absolute path. (…//) What I also did (just to make it easier) is using the file attach and copied that path in the HTTP section.