I´m trying to do this mysql connection and build a DB with vp standard 14 and don´t go on



so this is my problem
it kind seems that there is some incongluency with my database but everything seems okay
I don´t know
I´m new to vp 14 and I bought it somewhere in 2015 but since it I don´t put my hands on it but now I need kinda everyday HELP, PLEASE!!! :wink: :slight_smile: :blush: :3



Please try to update your driver to at least 8.0.13 or click download button for automatic download.

If not work:
Please click Show Details and post it here.
Please confirm your mysql server enabled TCP and bind to address of DESKTOP-DMMSKMM.


it is a problem with timezone. But I don´t know what to do to change that problem. Maybe it is in java problem. Maybe it is in windows clock. help?



can you try to run in your server?

  SET GLOBAL time_zone = '-3:00'