I there a way to transfer / share project from VP on PC online for people without VP to see?

Hi, I am just starting to explore Visual Paradigm. I’ve been working on UML and VP really makes it much easier but I was wondering if there is a way to share my project to be viewed online by people who just need to see (don’t need to edit if it’s not possible)


VP offers hosted (VP Online) and on-premise (Teamwork Server) solutions for sharing diagrams online.

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Probably at least 4 ways to do this.
You can just publish as html and host on a static web server or just a file server. This is good because you can navigate the models not just see the diagrams and you dont need teamserver/vp online or to set up guest users. Spin up a small local web server and let people just access that?
You can use postmania if you have teamserver or vp online to share individual diagrams for comment.
Doc composer to just publish a pdf?