Icon for defining class attributes & operation


Would it be possible to add icons (to the set of icons that that appears around the class) that would help in quick definition of attributes and operations for a class ? Currently it is required to use shortcut or go through the context menu.

Kind regards, Artur

Hi Artur,

I worry that your suggestion will make the resource icon interface too complex. Besides, I doubt if it is really that useful. When you create a class member (attribute/operation), you probably will give it a name without naming it as “attribute1” or “operation3”, and the create and naming actions will repeat until all members are created. Therefore, I think that having keyboard shortcut is more user friendly than having the resource centric icon because everything can be done via keyboard. You need not to switch back and forth repeatedly between mouse and keyboard.

Best regards,

Hi Jick,

Thank you for the response. Although I do not share your opinion about usefulness of the shortcut (it is shortcut # 123 that I have to remember) I understand your worries about the clarity of UI. Well, it was worthy to try anyway :slight_smile:

Best regards, Artur