ID Generator guid wrong mapping

Dear sir or madame,

i used DB Visual Architect for one of my projects to genrate the OR-Mapping from my ERD. I choosed my primary key in a column which data type is uniqueidentifier and an ID generator of guid.

But in the generated NHibernate mapping file the definition of the type is string:

and the property in the associated class is also string.
By debugging the code i recieve a System.ArgumentException: identifier type mismatch Parametername: id.

Then i changed manually the type in the mapping file to “type=System.Guid” and the propertys in the class also to Guid!

Now it works! Is it a bug in your system or is it my failure?

Thank you for your answer!

hi user,

This problem was fixed in September. To obtain the fix, please run the update program to advance to latest release. You can find the update program in the bin folder of VP Suite installation directory.

Best regards,