IDE tool with netbeans

Strange but the IDE - tool voor Netbeans does not appear.
I have no OPEN-UML in the tools when I rightclick on a project nor on a package.
Using netbeans7.2.

please help

I’m having the same problem with NetBeans 7.2 running on Windows 7 64-bit. I followed the IDE integration instructions and got no errors, but the tool does not show up in NetBeans. :frowning:

Please close the NetBeans then repeat the following folder. After that restart NetBeans and launch the Integration again to see is it working.


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Rain Wong

I made last update for VP and installed IDE-tools again and now it works.
But it is not user frindly that an update for IDE-tools has to be done by the user.
Why doesn’t the VP-updater do this two updates in one sequence?

Sorry that may I know what you mean by “Why doesn’t the VP-updater do this two updates in one sequence”?

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Rain Wong

Sorry that may I know what you mean by “Why doesn’t the VP-updater do this two updates in one sequence”?

I mean:
I don’t find it user friendly. After updating VP, you have to open VP and installing the IDE tools again.
Why can’t that be done in one movement by the VP-updater?

During update of VP-UML the IDE Integration will also being update at once, so there is no need to execute it twice. Would you mind tell me more details about your case? You are upgrade within the same version of VP-UML? or upgrade form SDE to VP-UML IDE Integration?

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Rain Wong


See my firsth message.

I opened VP and installed for the first time the IDE tools. Then I’ve start Netbeans to try but there was no posibility to start VP from Netbeans. Then I wrote the first message of this subject.
Some days later I made an update for VP. Then I tryed again with Netbeans and had the same problem. Then I opend VP and installed the IDE-tools again. Then tryed again Netbeans and problem was solved.
So my conclusion is updating VP mains not that the IDE-tools are updated too.

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Hello Dan,

It was strange then. You will see the update module update the IDE Integration in the last phrase of the update if you have IDE Integration installed. Do you see this phrase?

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Rain Wong

Hello Rain;

Yes, now the updates are doing well. And they are copy into the good folders.

So we can say that, if there was a problem (I’m not sure), it is solved.