Import/Export with Enterprise Architect


we need to transport models between enterprise architect on a pc (customer preference) and visual paradigm on a mac (my preference). But no matter how I set the options, the import fails with the diagrams. VP keeps complaining that the id for the diagramelement is missing, EA just doesn’t display the diagrams and parts are mssing.
Did anyone succeed in these import/exports? Or is there a kind of converter program available?

Thank you for your message. The current version will only import the models from Enterprise Architect through XMI. Actually this issue is already fixed in the VP Suite 2.1 which will be release very soon. I can send you the early access version so that you can have a try on it. Please send me your user name and email address through private message or to so that I can get you the license key if you are interested in trying it. Thanks!

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