Import visio into visual or invers

good day
I wanted to know: Is it possible to output visio software in the Visual Paradigm software and vice versa? How?

Hi Amin,

We do support importing of Visio drawings/stencils into Visual Paradigm:

[Visual Paradigm Desktop]

[Visual Paradigm Online]

  • To import Visio file as pages in currently opening diagram:
    – Select menu File > Import…
    – In the opened file picker, browse for the file and select

  • To import Visio stencils to the diagram palette:
    – Select menu File > Import Library…
    – Click Import to select, or drag and drop Visio stencils (vssx, vsdx) to the specified area

But we do not support exporting to Visio file format, you may however export Visual Paradigm diagrams as images of various format to be inserted to your Visio drawings.

Hope this could help,