Import XMI

Hallo all,

I’m developing an application that is able to create simple sequence diagrams. I would like to export these sequence diagrams to XMI in order to edit them in VP-UML later.

Now I’m running into the problem that I don’t know how the XMI files need to be structured in order to import them successfully. A simple XMI file from a XMI how-to-guide was not imported because it said the file could not be parsed. I wonder why that happens if the file is valid XMI.
Then, I tried to reenginee the exported XMI file but I think most of the content is highly VP specific and too complex for what I need. Then I tried using a simpler format from argoUML which failed because the ArgoUML files could not be imported into VP-UML (“Unknown Exporter”).

So now I’m lost: how am I supposed to make use of the import function if VP-UML expects a certain exporter or a certain XMI format? Can anyone help, please?

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Very simple example I found in a book and failed to import:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xmi:XMI xmi:version="2.0" xmlns:xmi="">
<exporter>XMI DOM Serialize Example</exporter>
<Car available="false" driver="_3" style="_2" vin="v1"
<option car="_1" name="air conditioning" xmi:id="_1.1"/>
<Style car="_1" make="Jalopy" model="Deluxe" xmi:id="_2"
<Person car="_1" licenseNumber="ln1" name="Anita Karr"

:shock: Am I really the only one in the world that has troubles importing any XMI into VP-UML? :shock:

Hallo all,

I am still struggeling with the XMI import/export problem. I am unable to import XMI that was generated by ArgoUML and assitionally, it impossible to importn VP-UML into ArgoUML. How can that be? is there any documentation how the XMI has to be structured in order to work with VP-UML? That has to be possible…

Any help is appreciated!


I was able import XMI 2.1 as downloaded from OMG site.