Importing diagram into same project has a bug

Hi every body
When i export a diagram (in my case a business process diagram) as a visual paradigm project and import it back into same project, VP replace it with the old one even when i change the name and model structure of the old one before importing .
I think VP should keep both diagrams, right ?
My purpose of doing this is to create a copy from whole diagram into new one in the same project and i don’t find better solution than import/export !
Please check this
Thanks in advance

Hi Mamad,

Thank you for your post. The import function works by merging the changes. It allows users to make external changes and then import those changes back to the original project. If you want to create a copy for models, I suggest you create a new diagram, copy the shapes in the source diagram, and paste them as MODEL in the new diagram. To paste as a model element, right-click on the diagram and select Paste as Model from the popup menu.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung