Importing Rose Project

I am getting a Import Failed message while importing a Rose project. This is the exact message:

Start parsing the mdl file…
Import failed:
Could not resolve variable $JCAF_ROOT
Please define JCAF_ROOT in property file C:\Dev\segments\JCAF\JCAFCore\

I use virtual pathes in the Rose model set up through the Virtual Path Map. What is this property file and how can I define the path variable in it?

I am using VP UML EE (evaluation copy) Ver5.5 (Build sp1_20060408)


Dear Michael,

Thank you for your post. Since we are unable to resolve JCAF_ROOT by just reading the mdl file, so you require to provide the mapping of this variable.

Please follow the steps below to solve the problem:

  1. Create the property file C:\Dev\segments\JCAF\JCAFCore\model\
  2. Define the JCAF_ROOT property by adding the following line inside the property file
    (where c:\path\ is the path for JCAF_ROOT)

Re-do the import, it should work properly.

Best Regards,