Importing SD from other project

Hello again,

In VP Suite 2.2:
I’m having some problems importing a sequence diagram from another project. If I remember correctly I used to be able to select which diagrams to import when I did File-> Import-> UML Model, but now it just starts and merges (!) with an existing diagram!

So after that I have a diagram (with the name of the imported diagram) with lots of classes and calls over one another and a bunch of them stacked at the top of the screen… The same if I use XMI.

I thought it might have something to do with similar naming so I modified the XMI, but that didn’t help. Maybe some IDs are the same, so VP gets confused or assumes it’s the same diagram?

If you need it I could try and make 2 testprojects that show the problem. Would a screenshot help?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Poke,

It would be great if you could provide us with the test projects to repeat the problem. But let me clarify your problem first.

The import feature should merge the ‘external’ project into the currently opening project. What I mean is, if you have a project that was exported from a source project, you work on with both the exported and the source projects, then in some day you imported the exported project back into the source project, you would find the model detail is replaced by the exported project.

Is the above behavior the problem you talked about? Do you mean that you prefer creating a new model when a conflict occur when importing project?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Auto-merging is nice, but in my case it’s merging unrelated sequence diagrams :slight_smile:

What properties are used to assert that a merge is needed? e.g. when does it merge two diagrams and when does it create a new diagram?

I guess easiest would be: when a merge candidate is detected it should notify the user and ask if VP should proceed merging or just import into a new diagram…

Also: When selecting a projectfile for import, show it’s diagrams with checkboxes… (or is this functionality in there, somewhere where I can’t find it?)

Thanks Jick!

Hi Poke,

If it is merging unrelated sequence diagram, then it is a bug of ours. Could you please send me the two projects for testing? Of course, it would be great if you could produce the project from scratch. Thank you very much.

Your suggestion sounds meaningful and make sense. I have already passed it on to our development team for further studies. Thank you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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While trying to create a testproject for you I got an error-log window (in VP UML). I did not get this in the VS IDE!
I thought the log would make things clear enuogh…(?)

Screenshot attached:


Hi Poke,

Thanks for the screenshot. It would be better if you can send me also the project files. Because we can locate the problem easier with the projects and we can test with the projects to ensure the bug has really been fixed before deploy. If you mind posting here, you could send to my email address:

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Hi Jick,

I have sent you the mail.