Incomplete Checkin Results

What happens to a model repository (e.g. svn) if a user e.g. commits a package where a child class is contained and that child class is derived from a parent class with belongs to another package currently not in the svn repository.
What will another user see if updating his model from repository?
In general, how are dependancies between model elements handled on checkin with respect to consistent models?
regards hth

Hi user,

Sorry but I do not understand your case very well. You said the class is contained by the package you try to commit, but then you said the class “is derived from another class”. By “derive”, do you mean contain? If not, what do you mean exactly? And when you said to commit a package, I suppose you mean to perform a partial commit for that package. Are you trying to commit the model element or the view (i.e. shape) of the package?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung