Incorrect key sent in email (invalid key message)

I thought i would just post a quick one about my installation experience of VP-UML. Its no biggie and I have solved the problem however just thought this might help someone.

I downloaded the software and got emailed a link to the license file. I downloaded the key file and imported it into the key manger.

I noticed that the versions were wrong so I requested another key (this fixed the problem).

However, I noticed a filename difference:

Orginal key emailed:vpsuite.zvpl
Key mailed from using the request button in key manager:vpumlce.zvpl

It could be user error, however I dont think it was (!)

Ihad the same behavior that some other users had seen- imported file in the manager, it said it was valid. Clicked close and the manager appeared again. Clicked it again and I got an invalid license msg and the app closed.

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Hi user,

Thanks for sharing your experience. There are several causes for the “Invalid License Key” message. The following article gives you some hints:

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