Infinite loop under NB3.6

I tried your tool, that does not seem to be completely functionnal with latest netbeans. i first had GUI problems, (panes could not be moved wherever i wanted, contrarly to any other panes, resizing some panes worked only once, … ), then uml update problems. i was interested in reverse engineer my program into an uml graph. I followed the manual but could not achieve a correct result. Some classes would correctly map to an uml class, some not, while some recreate a correct package graph, some others won’t, in some packages some recursive like work was done, not in others… well. that is a bit bad. That weird and inconsistent import forbids me from using it further.
Moreover, after i quit netbeans, each time i open SDE, it starts an infinite loop and i have to kill NB.
I’ve been using Tigris’s argouml to better results, and i believe that gentleware’s poseidon would also.
Is there something obvious i’m missing? is that normal?

Thanks for any answer.