Inheritance and attributes in diagrams and UML

I want to inherit “like generalize association” from another interface or class in a different package. How can I do this simply without making sure both are in the same diagram?
Also, how to make the child class to show inherited attributes by default without manually changing the visibility by going to “Presentation Options, Attributes, Show Inherited Attributes”, it’s too much if manually for every class/interface though.

Hi Yasser,

Thank you for your post. Do you mean you want to create a generalization between two classes? Currently, the creation of generalization has to be diagrammatically by connecting two class shapes with the generalization connector. Therefore, the source and target classes have to be in the same diagram for creating a generalization. However, for visualization, you can visualize either class in any diagram without having the other class exist in the same diagram.

About the Show Inherited Attributes option, I regret that currently we only support the class based option. You can select multiple classes and perform the action in one shot to speed up a little bit. Sorry for the inconvenience and I will share your case with our developers.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung