Input / Output


It’s posibble to add to the business process toolbar new icons of inputs and outputs like: Client (a human shape), product/service (so any kind of organization can used it).

This will provide a standard notation for the business process modeling.
The image shape isn’t a good solution to replace the inputs and outputs in a business model.


Hi Ttyka,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry, but we were unable to find information about ‘Client’, ‘Product’ and ‘Service’ as notations defined in the BPMN specification. Could you provide me with more information about these notations? Where do you find them? Any specification about them?

We look forward to hearing from you. Have a nice weekend!

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Hi Jick,

I suggest this kind of notations because I used it in other softwares like Adonis and it was so friendly for the last users to understand the models.

But I’m afraid as you said that it’s not part of the BPMN specification.



Hi Katty,

Thank you for your reply. Do not worry, we will investigate the possibility of supporting these. I will inform you if we are going to support the notation you asked for.

Best regards,