Install SDE 2.0 for IntelliJ on Mac OS X

I am having issues installing SDE for IntelliJ on Mac OS X. Versions:

SDE: 2.0
IntelliJ: 4.5.3
Mac OS X 10.3.7

As part of the install process, it asks for the Intellij Home. I am assuming that this is the directory that IntelliJ is installed in. However, with IntelliJ 4.5.3 for Mac OS X there isn’t a directory, just a double clickable .app that is dragged from the installer disk image to the Applications directory.

I have also tried to choose the directory created by IntelliJ in my user home:
/Library/Preferences/IntelliJ IDEA

Please advise.


i have the same Problem with all the SDE-Installtion under OSX.
I tried to define many Folder as Home, but ich always failed.
I loded ie. the JBuilder Guide, but there is only an description for Windowsinstallations.

Why it is so difficult to add an ReadMe-Doc for poor beginners?