Installation Failed for VP_Suite_Windows_3_0_sp2_20070612.exe

Unable to install the above exe to evaluate.

I have been evaluating various other products for past week and now all set to evaluate VP suite. I stuck because I could not able to succeed to install your product.

I captured screen shots during installation with the selections and values I made or entered.

I would be happy to give further information. you can contact me at

I appreciate your assistance on the same.

Failed_install VP.doc

Hi Jai,

We are so sorry about the problem. Could you send us C:\DOCUME~1\jganji\LOCALS~1\Temp\install4jError64436log
for diagnosing the problem?

Second, please install with this installer:

This is a patch and contain some fixes over the one you downloaded. Please have a try, and let me know if it works.

Best regards,

Hi Jick,

I impressed with your quick response. Thanks a lot.

I attached log files for your reference.

I started downloading the file you mentioned above and will post the feed back.

Thanks for looking into this issue and will provide you further information if in case you need.

BTW, I already attached screen shots in doc format with the first mail I posted.

HURRY!, Download <<VP_Suite_Windows_3_0_sp2_20070621i.exe>> complete and I installed successfully. I able to view the start page and will write more once I review its features.

I appreciate great team out there for your quick response times and KEY TO SUCCESS.

Just a note, you may remove the old link in your site and replace with the latest one you mentioned.


Hi Jai,

Thank you very much for your reply with the good news. I will discuss this with our developers. Thank you once again!

Best regards,