Installation problems

I have spent 4!!!hours downloading the no install version of business processes VA, then the unzipped files did not contain an .exe file or VA install, then the presumed .exe file could not be opened by windows because the extension was not recognised, then I forgot the login and the new passwords sent by support were not recognised by the login, etc. etc.

If we are to spent so much time to try to evaluate if this sw does what it promises, this is not productive and I prefer to switch back to Visio.

Can any one confirm

  1. is the version of the downloadable trial version of Business Process VA
    the full one or a cut-down one? What is the difference between the no install and the install versions? Which one causes the less installation problems?

  2. I have seen in the forum a lot of complaints with install and download, some of which are threatening (crash, fatal errors,…), is the smooth installation guaranteed and that there will not be any system crashes?

  3. Does the uninstaller fully uninstalls all the .dll program files?

  4. Why one should prefer Biz Proc. VA over Visio?

  5. If one decides to buy the program after a positive evaluation period, will he have to uninstall the download and reinstall another version of the program?

  6. Has anyone used this sw before for designing business processes for the electricity transmission sector? Any ideas on how to use it or actual examples would be most welcome.