Installing from .jar-file

I downloaded java-enabled platfors installation file VP for UML and there is only .jar-file, so how I can install it to my computer?

Thanks for advance


I figured that out, I haven’t been that much doing with jar-files, but now I have another problem, when I try to install it with the command:

java v…jar it says Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: vpunlce_20040705/jar

Dear Juhis,

Did you run the setup program using the command “java -jar <setup_file_jar_name>”? (replace <setup_file_jar_name> with the actual jar file name).



I tried this, but it said on setup that there were some errors and to check the log… where is the log?

Windows 2000
Net Beans 3.6

One thing I noticed the install never asks what folder net beans is installed in.

Dear SkyDive971,

Then I suggest you to install SDE for NetBeans using our “No Install” option. Just unzip the file to the NetBeans home directory and it is ready to run.