Installing netBeans SDE CE on Mac OS X

Encountering two problems with the installer (sdecejb_20040224.jar):

  1. When trying to choose the installation directory by clicking on the Choose button, the installer goes away, never to come back, and I have to quit from the installer menu. If I choose to continue with the default location, I can go on, but …

  2. The Installer asks for my netBeans installation directory, which (for Mac OS X) is somewhere inside …/NetBeansLauncher/Contents/… But whre exactly? (Remember that NetBeansLauncher is a package (is this the right term :), and its contents actually reside in a Contents directory inside the application file NetBeansLauncher).

Had the same problem with the SDE for JBuilder. Then I gave up, but this time I won’t. Help!



I have exactly the same problem (using Powerbook G4 running OS X 10.3.3). Help would be greatly appreciated.

Using the native Mac file chooser would allow navigation into the package (I think).

I have solved the problem. Use the and follow the instructions in Appendix A of the user guide.

I have SDE installed and running perfectly (NetBeans 3.6/Java1.4.2/OS X 10.3)

Yup, the no_installer works. Thanks.

There is now a Mac OS X version, but it fails in exactly the same way…