Installing Problem: Converting from evaluation to a floating license BPVA2.2

Hi Had no problems running the temporary key for 15 days that was issued when I purchased an Analyst Edition about 2 weeks back. But it’s about to expire today.

I have tried to install the License Server ( both Types With and withou Install ) but I cannot get my version to read that license. The current version only seems to read these .zvpl extension but the key that was emailed is .key so how do I make this floating license work on my desktop install of BPVA2.2 that I have is expiring today

Would there be a problem if there is only ONE floating license purchased?
I was hoping to use either the notebook or desktop.


Dear HP:

Thank you for choosing our product! After installed the floating license server, you need to configure your BPVA client to access the floating license server for the key. Please refer to the page in following link to get details of configuring your client:

BTW, the floating license s not bound on specific machine or platform, but one floating license allows one concurrent access to the application.

If there are any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong