Instant Generator (C++) - script for .h .cpp - insert DATE/TIME and AUTHOR


I have made my custom .vm script for generating .h and .cpp files.
Most of changes concerns generating comments for the purpose of doxygen documentation generating.
I cant find a way to insert date/time and author inside my .h and .cpp files.
I have tried:


but it doesnt work.
Is it possible to automate this process?

Thanks for your help!

Hi godmode,

Do you want to get the author and create date/time set in the Project Management tab of class specification?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Hello Jick,

Yes that’s correct.
As I checked it is possible to set date/time and author in the Project Management tab seperatly to each other for many elements like: classes, methods, parameters, etc.
It would be very convenient to pull out that information for very each type of element.

I would be happy to extract that info minimum from classes but if it is possible for other elements I will be grateful for the instructions.