Instant Generator doesn't create parameters for methods

When I use Constant Generator function from the Menu to generate VB.NET code from Class diagram. They created codes according to the diagram but methods didn’t contain any formal parameters, although I added attibutes for the method during design diagram !

Please help me.

Thanks in advance !

Hi quynm,

Could you post your project file here so that we can test the problem?

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Many thanks to you.

Hereunder is my project (Pls see attach file):
Expert-Phase 2.vpp

Hi quynm,

Thanks for your reply. May I know which class contain the problem you reported? I generated VB.NET code, and randomly picked up several classes for inspection. Unfortunately, I am unable to find any problem.

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Hi !

Procedure to reproduce :
I pick menu Tool > Constant Generator --> VB.NET
In the class selection dialog, I chosen all classes and click Generate.

Below is an example. (In the diagram, the method SetNumRowPerPage(RowNum : Integer) has a parameter is RowNum. But as you see below the code didn’t contain !)

Imports System.Data

Namespace QuoteList
Public Class [VancoDataGridView]
Inherits GridView
Private isShowCheckBox As Boolean
Private NumRowPerPage As Integer
Private isActivating As Boolean
Private isHighlightQuote As Boolean
Private DataSourceToShow As DataSet
Private ROW_HEIGHT As Integer

    Public Event onSelectQuote(ByVal QuoteID As Integer, ByVal RowIndex As Integer)
    ''' <summary>
    ''' Load data from the dataset and show on DatagridView
    ''' </summary>
    Public Overridable Sub ShowData()
    End Sub
    Public Overridable Sub SetNumRowPerPage()
    End Sub
    Public Overridable Function GetRowsSelected() As DataSet
    End Function
    Public Overridable Sub BindToDataset()
    End Sub
    Public Overridable Function GetSelectedQuoteID() As String
    End Function
    Public Overridable Function GetSelectedQuoteIDs() As String()
    End Function
    Private Overridable Sub TurnOnHighLightAtRow()
    End Sub
    Private Overridable Sub TurnOffHighLightAtRow()
    End Sub

    Private Sub VancoDataGridView_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.SelectedIndexChanged
        RaiseEvent onSelectQuote(Me.SelectedIndex, Me.SelectedIndex)
    End Sub
End Class

End Namespace

hi quynm,

We are still unable to reproduce the problem. Could you post the log file here? You can the log file (vp.log) inside ${vp-suite-install-dir}/bin

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I checked the log after running the Instant generator but has no any logs in there.

This attach contain full steps and screen during creation

Pls help me !

Many thanks to you again !

Unable generate Params.JPG

The log file should contains the build number. We want to make sure that you are running in the latest release.

My version is 5.3 (Build sp3_20061111)
I also tried using version 6.0 but still failed.

I ran on WinXP SP2.

According to our testing, we believe that the problem has been fixed. Please advance to the latest release. You can download the latest release at:

Best regards,

Yes, I’ll try !
Thank you so much !

That’s great. Please feel free to let me know if it works.

Hi !
I found the answer for the problem.

The cause is:

I created the project in VP 5.3 that can’t generate parameters for methods and then I used VP 6.0 to open the Project. Result is : the problem is still there (There may be an affect in converting from old version to new version) !

Note: Although VP 6.0 generates the code smoothly with creating new project from menu but will fail if open VP5.3 Project.

Thank anyway !

Hello quynm,

But we were testing with the project you posted here yesterday, which was created in version 5.3?

Best regards,