Instant reverse C++ class diagram not drawn neatly if Show As Containment relationships not selected

If Show As Containment relationships is selected, the class diagram is drawn neatly. If I unselect it, the classes are all on top of each other at the upper left corner of the class diagram VPPInstantReverseForm

How can I fix this? The classes are in the following format

namespace A
namespace B
class C {};
namespace D
class E : public B::C {};

Hi packerx,

I cannot reproduce the problem:

There are some messages at the bottom right corner, is there any related warning/error?
Can you perform auto layout on the diagram?

My current folder structure is like this

  • source/include
  • source/src
  • lib/Library1
  • lib/Library2
  • lib/Library3

The libraries have include and src folders inside them. The following scenarios trigger this for me

  • selecting Library2 only
  • selecting source (small letters) and Library1

I have a feeling that it is breaking due to heavy use C++ templates and variable arguments on the class template parameters but it would be best if I can send a log to you as the log window is not showing any errors, only that I have the latest VPP version.

Thanks for pointing out auto layout as it is my first time using it and it works. So it is turning out to be a not so critical issue but a bug as auto layout works but not importing by default.

Hi packerx,

You can export log and send it to with the link to this post in the Email.

Thanks. I have exported the log and will send it in.

Hi packerx,

Thank you for the log file. The problem should be fixed, and patch will be available soon.

Hi packerx,

I would like to let you know the unable to reverse source code problem has been fixed. Please update the software to latest patch build (20200630aa or later) to get the problem fixed. Details about update to latest patch can be found at

  • Please make sure you have pressed the “Update to latest patch” button on the left hand side of the dialog right after launching the update program

Feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

Thank you very much. I tested and it fixed it :slight_smile: