Instant Reverse C++


i’ve made Instant Reverse of some c++ .h files in a project.
The classes are fine but i miss the associations…

Are there some ways to fix this?

Regards Matte

Hello Matte,

May I know which OS are you running? Also, could you send me your .h file for reproducing the problem? Please send to:

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when using instant reverse with some c++ source which makes use of the doxgen @file Attribute I get several errors:

Reason :
Error in parsing source file.
xxx.h:6: Warning: the name `xxx.h’ supplied as the second argument in the \file statement is not an input file

C code in line 5-7:

  • @file xxx.h

Hi feese,

I have forwarded your case to our developers. Once there are any news, I will let you know.

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Hi feese,

Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce the problem you have. First, may I have your source files? Second, may I have your log file ($vp-suite-install-dir/bin/vp.log)? Finally, may I know which OS are you running in?

Best regards,

Hello Jick!
I made reverse c++ on Windows platform - all ok,
but in linux - generalization don’t create. What is it?
How can I change params forward generation: I want to place classes in one file?
Sorry for my english :?

Hi Jick,

I’ve found the problem. The path at the doxygen @file tag wasn’t right. I wonder if there is a way to prevent vp to parse the code comments?


Hello avp,

Could you send me the source?

Best regards,

Hello, Jick!
Code is simple

class M1 : public QThread, public QObject

class M2 : public M1

In Linux version of VP generalization don’t work, but in Windows version is all ok

Hello feese,

Regarding the @file issue, could you send me a sample file? We do not quite get and could not reproduce the problem.

Best regards,