Instant Reverse on MacOS

Hello - I’ve got VP Enterprise Trial version on my MacOS and am trying to reverse engineer a C# codebase. I tried using Instant Reverse, but get this error:

Reason :
Output file from parsing source code does not exist.
/Users/carlos/Library/Application Support/VisualParadigm/tmp/irTemp15347595723358925154temp/ouf/index.xml

If the above file does not exist, please make sure there are execute permission to all files under the following directory:

Any clue what I might be missing?

May I know is the file mentioned in message “/Users/carlos/Library/Application Support/VisualParadigm/tmp/irTemp15347595723358925154temp/ouf/index.xml” exist in your system? If yes then would you please it to us for checking? You can send the file to if you don’t want to post it to our forum. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi - there’s no index.html file in that location although the fully path exists. Is there something else I can send?

Would you please zip up the /Users/carlos/Library/Application Support/VisualParadigm/tmp/irTemp15347595723358925154temp folder and send us for checking? You can send it to in case you don’t want to upload it to forum. Look forward to hearing from you.