Instant Reverse

I created two DotNet (VB.Net) Assemlies one with interface definitions, one with Base Classes. The Most of the Base Classes Realize the interfaces of the interface Assemblies.

Now i want to create an ‘overview’ class-diagram with all my ‘designed’ classes and interfaces.
(Some weeks ago i created all interfaces and classes with the code engineering engine of sde-vs. because of some bugs in the code (reverse) engineering engine i refactored the interfaces and classes without sde-vs)

the only way that seems to work was instant reverse. i instant reversed the two assemblies in a new Class-Library-Project.

I got all Inheritances and Realizations (Arrows in Class Diagrams).
But no Dependency (nor Aggregation/Composition) was reversed.

How could i get these Dependencies? I Need them in my Class-Diagrams!

The first way i tried to get a model with all designed interfaces and classes was:

  1. create a model for each assembly (Update to model function)
  2. import of the (interface) model into the (baseclass) model-Project

problem: the namespace names (packages in SDE-VS) where duplicated.
all my classes were in a namespace 'Ba.LATec’
after compining both models i had 4 namespaces:
the classes were duplicated within these namespaces.
Because of this problem i tried to use instant reverse.

I use:
SDE-VS 3.0 …w
VS 2003
Visual Basic.Net

Walter Pfab

Dear Walter,

Thank you for your message and we are sorry for any inconvenience this problem caused you. Could you mind send me your source files and assemblies to have a look (any samples that can reproduce the problem is OK)? Please send it to directly. Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to hear your reply.

Best regards,

Dear Walter,

The duplicated namespace problem in reverse engineering VB .NET sources been fixed deployed. I’ve send you the hot fix through private message. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,