Integration with Eclipse under MacOSX?

Hi !
When I launch the installation, different environments are proposed (JBuilder, etc.) but NOT Eclipse !?
A friend is using the same ‘no install’ tar file, under Solaris, and he does have the Eclipse mentionned in the options (during installation).
Is integration with Eclipse NOT supported on Mac OS X ?



Dear Benoit,
Thank you for your interest in our product. Since our SDE for Eclipse does not support Mac OS X yet, the installer will not shows the Eclipse options. At the moment, you can use the Eclipse Integration in Mac OSX. The Eclipse Integration can be installed in VP-UML Professional Edition (PE) or Enterprise Edition (EE). After you installed the VP-UML PE or EE, select the Tools-> IDE Integration and follow the instruction to install the Eclipse Integration.

The different between SDE for Eclipse and Eclipse Inegration, you can visit If there are any futher questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

thanks a lot for your reply, but it doesn’t work.
All other environments are show, but not Eclipse.
I’m doing exactly as you said :

  • runnning VP-UML PE (Evaluation Key)
  • I select Tools
  • then IDE Integration
    and then I get a window with check boxes, with ony JBuilder, NetBeans, IntelliJ, JDeveloper, WebLogic. No mention of Eclipse anywhere.

This is quite frustrating as the feature I like about this product is the possibility to link with Eclipse.


I am evaluating this product for use by our development staff, however we use Mac OS X for our desktop environments. I’ve tried the suggested method above, but get the same results of Benoit.

Evaluation keys installed are VS for UML Pro. (4.1) and SDE Pro for Eclipse (2.1).

Is there a separate evaluation key needed to enable IDE Integration?

Additionally are there any plans or timelines for providing a Mac OS X implementation of SDE?

Thank You,

Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan
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Guess there are a few of us here having the same issue. I have tried the same steps using the install and the no install and have had no luck.


angus said: “…Since our SDE for Eclipse does NOT support Mac OS X yet, the…” and right after that: “…At the moment, you can use the Eclipse Integration in Mac OSX.…”

So is it possible to use VP-UML Pro SDE with Eclipse on OSX or not?

By the way which version of Eclispe is supported? Documentation says 2.1 and above so is 3.1 included, too?

Dear TheHolySpirit,

SDE for Eclipse currently does not support Mac OS X. However VP-UML Professional Edition can be integrated with Eclipse under Mac OS X. SDE is seamlessly integrated with an IDE to provide round-trip code support, while VP-UML Professional Edition can be integrated with an IDE but user need to switch back and forth between VP-UML and the IDE in order to generate code or reverse code.