Integration with IntelliJ 7.x?

Can we expect the support for IntelliJ Idea 7.x integration any time soon? Is there a strategy to keep VP/UML in synch with IDEA releases in the future? JetBrains had deprecated some of their plugin APIs a long time ago and warned about them being not supported in the final release of Idea 7.0. What’s taking so long? :wink:

The IntelliJ IDEA 7 support will available this month and stay tune for the latest news about our release.

If you want to try out the early access build, please let me know and I’ll help to arrange.

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I have vpuml 6.2 build 20080206 and intellij 7.0.3 on MACOS 10.5.2 with the standard java 1.5.0_13.

When I try to launch VP from inside IDEA, I get the splash, then an intellig IDE internal error occurred box pops up. When I “click to see details” I get a beep (which is presumably because the model splash is in front of intellij) and I have no choice but to force quit and start again.

What can I do? This is preventing me from using the product.

Hi xuarlapan,

Thanks for your details. Could you please attach the vp.log for us to estimate the problem? You can find the vp.log inside the “bin” folder in VP installation directory. Thanks in advance!

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Lilian Wong