Interface operations modeled as property attributes


I’m evaluating a copy of Visual Paradigm where I’m trying to reverse Java code and build class diagrams.

I’ve reversed a Java interface having two methods:

  • getA() : A
  • getB() : B
    And I’ve obtained in the model an interface with two property attributes:
  • a : A
  • b : A

It’s a nice feature when dealing with a Java class. But is it working as intended for a Java interface?
Is there an option to change this behavior in order to get the operations in the model instead of the property attributes?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Stéphane Appercel,

Thanks for your post. I’ve forwarded the issue to our engineers to follow-up, and I’ll come back to you once there is any feedback.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hi Stéphane Appercel,

Sorry for my late response. We added an option “Reverse interface getter/setter as association” at Tools > Options > Code Synchronization (see image). It’s enabled by default, please disable it when run Java round-trip engineering so you won’t have the interface getter/setter reversed as association.

Please be reminded that this option is available in latest patch of VP Suite 4.2 (build 20100215g or later), you need to run “VP Suite Update” for getting updated to latest patch. Details about updating to latest patch are available at:

Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong


Yes its good but i think you have to change something in this code that will be more better for you.I am also working on the same modeled property attributes.

Hi Asnetworksdirs,

Thanks for replying. Do you mean we should not reverse interface getter/setter as association by default?
If I got your meaning right, I can understand your request but since reverse interface getter/setter as association was originally requested by another user, we would like to meet different users need so an option is provided.

I believe you can understand this. :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Little question to this:
I’m using VP SDE for Eclipse in version 5.1 but this option seems to be gone.
Is there still a way to model interface associations that will be generated to getter and setter in the resulting java file?

Stefan Weber