Interface symbol on Class Diagram

I cannot figure out one important thing – how to represent interfaces on class diagram. I could not find reasonable information in help files. The only thing I have found was that Together’s interface icon is mapped into VP’s class icon. Whatever I have tried I could not generate code with “interface” java keyword. The “nearest” thing was “abstract class”, but in my opinion it is not enough for Java. What’s more, code reverse permanently ignores interface declarations – it seems to me that this behavior is “by desing”.
Until this feature is absent it disqualifies this tool from my further recognition, no matter that it has amazing quality-to-price factor.

best regards,

Hi andrew,

To specify a class as an interface, right-click on the class and select “Open Specification…” from the popup menu, then select the “Class Code Detail” page in the dialog box. You will see the “interface” checkbox which determines whether the class is an interface.



In fact it works. Don’t you think that `hiding’ most useful features deep into dialogs is obstructive? This optioin is accessible neither from context menu nor property inspector. In my opinion class diagram is a place where using interfaces is same frequent as classes usage.

I have also figured out what is going on in code reverse - it works but it updates model tree view on the second tab – current opened diagram remains untouched. Maybe this is good but similarities to Together can be misleading.


Dear andrew,

I agree that it would be quite confusing to set a class to an interface this way. We will correct this in the future release of VP-UML. Thanks for your suggestions.