Is Eclipse integration limited in SE evaluation?

I originally installed Community Edition but I think I might be more suited to the Standard Edition so I installed that version instead.

As part of my evaluation I tried setting up Eclipse integration but when I try to start VP from within Eclipse by selecting “Open Visual Paradigm” I get an error:

“Please start the standalone Visual Paradigm and review the license. After that, restart IDE.”

followed by:

“Cannot start Visual Paradigm CE.”
(Note CE and not SE)

Is it thinking I still have Community Edition or is this a limitation of the evaluation? If it’s the former, how can I fix it? If it’s the latter, how am I supposed to evaluate if the full features are not available?

Thank you.

Hi SunDogCA,

Thank you for your post. Did you uninstall the integration or the entire Visual Paradigm Community Edition installation before installing Standard Edition? If not, please have a try. You can uninstall the integration or the entire product installation by running the uninstall program in %Visual Paradigm Install Dir%\uninstaller. After that, re-install the integration with Eclipse under the product installation of the Standard Edition.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

I have the same problem.
First I installed Community Edition, but code synchronization supported in Professional Edition or above.
When I uninstal Visual Paradigm Community Edition and install Professional, “Open Visual Paradigm” in NetBeans and Eclipse and get an error:

“Please start the standalone Visual Paradigm and review the license. After that, restart IDE.”

uninstal Visual Paradigm does not help.

before I installed Professional Edition on another computer it works, but in this case, when the first was set Community Edition error is presented.

how can I fix it?
Thank you.

Hi Alex,

Sorry for my late reply. I just performing a testing based on your steps but unfortunately I failed to reproduce the problem. Here are my steps:

  1. Prepare a clean Eclipse
  2. Install Visual Paradigm Community Edition
  3. Install IDE Integration
  4. Start Eclipse
  5. Create a Java project
  6. Start VP from Eclipse
  7. Exit everything
  8. Uninstall Visual Paradigm Community Edition
  9. Install Visual Paradigm
  10. Start it and select to evaluate Professional Edition
  11. Install IDE Integration to the same Eclipse directory
  12. Start Eclipse
  13. Start VP from the Java project created before
  14. Run code generation and confirm that it’s working.

Are these your steps? BTW I am testing with Visual Paradigm 12.1.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung