Is it possible to add a new Diagram type to Visual Paradigm?

Hi every body,

I want to extend class Diagram to a new type of diagram, for example add new notations to it and remove some existed notations from it.

i want this custom diagram type to add to the list of existed diagram types of visual paradigm and when i go to Diagram -> New menu, i can select it and make a new diagram of this type.

This diagram should have its own name,own type, own notations and etc.

Currently i know how to add notations and shapes to a diagram with Open Api but don’t know how make a new diagram type.

Is it possible at all ? how ?

Thanks in advance

HI Mohammad,

Sorry but we currently does not support adding custom diagram type.



Hi antony ,

thanks for your reply.

Ok but i wish we can !!

Another question that i have is that can i remove some default notations of class diagram from the Diagram toolbar (toolbar at the left side of screen ) ? for example remove Note,Anchor,Collaboration and etc.

i know we can customize diagram toolbar by selecting desired Category but it don’t let us to remove some notations from a category and also we should select at least one category.

This problem will solve if i can create my own category of shapes and add my desired notations to it,but i don’t know how do it.

Hi Mohammad,

The good news is you can do it and it is very easy! Just select main menu Help > Customize UI, the dialog box lists UI components currently visibile on the left, and those hidden on the right.

As you might expect, there are lots of ui components listed. You could filter the list by typing text to only list those you interested. Select those you want to hide and click the > button to hide them.


Click OK to apply changes and restart VP, the palette will shows all but the ui components you selected to hide.

Hope this helps,



yes its what i was looking for :ok_hand:
thank you :raised_hands: