Is it possible to disable antialiasing of the user interface (not diagrams)?

Is it possible to disable of the anti-aliasing of the user interface? There are options to disable the antialiasing of the diagrams, but I cannot find any way to disable the antialiasing of user interface (menus, etc).


I’m also interested in the answer on this question. The antialiased fonts in the user-interface are very annoying. :frowning:

Hi arne,

Could you attach a screen to let us see how it looks like now? Do you see the same problem in other applications? It could be related to system settings.

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I also would like to disable the anti-aliasing (menu items etc, whole user interface). I did it already for diagrams, they are ok now)
Is there a possibility?
Thank you for a answer!
VP UML Modeler 7.0 20090706 on WinXp

Hi user,

Thanks for your inquiry. You can disable anti-aliasing for user interface (e.g. menu items, toolbar) by the following steps:

  1. shutdown VP-UML
  2. go to VPSuite/bin folder
  3. create a file named %product_launcher_name%.vmoptions (e.g. Visual Paradigm for UML 7.0.vmoptions)
  4. edit the file and enter following and then save
  5. go to VPSuite/launcher folder
  6. create a file named %product_launcher_name%.vmoptions (e.g. run_vpuml.vmoptions)
  7. edit the file and enter following and then save
  8. start VP-UML

Hope this helps. If there is anything I can help, please feel free to ask.

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Lilian Wong

Thank you very much, LilianWong!
Works perfect,
have a nice day!

Hi Roger,

You are welcome. Please feel free to ask if you need any help.
Hope you have a nice day too!

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Lilian Wong