Is it possible to hyperlink (or the equivalent) a step in one diagram to another diagram?

Is it possible to hyperlink (or the equivalent) a step in one diagram to another diagram such that I can click on (something) and have the linked-to diagram appear then, when I’m done there, click back somehow to the first diagram?

I did find the “add diagram” in the lower left hand corner of the step in a State Machine diagram but absolutely nothing seems to change when I add another diagram using that. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.

Would you please explain in more details about what you mean by “a step”? It is a particular model element on diagram? or a step in use case flow of events? or something else?

Yes, it is possible to hyperlink or create equivalents to link a step in one diagram to another diagram. The specific method to achieve this may vary depending on the software or tool you are using to create the diagrams. Many diagramming tools and software applications support hyperlinks or interactive elements that allow you to connect different parts of your diagrams.

For example, in software like Microsoft Visio or Lucidchart, you can create hyperlinks between shapes or objects within a diagram. These hyperlinks can be set to navigate to another page or diagram within the same document or even to external sources such as websites or documents.

To create a hyperlink, you typically select the shape or object in your diagram, access the hyperlink settings, and specify the target destination (another diagram, page, or external URL) that you want the shape to link to. This allows users to click on the shape and navigate to the specified location.

Depending on you are using our desktop version of online version. For desktop version you can link up the elements by establish reference (see Adding Internal Resource section at Adding references (File, URL, etc) to model elements - Visual Paradigm ). For online version please reference to the video How to Link an Element to Another Diagram - YouTube about how to link and element to another diagram.