Is it stable on Catalina?

The documentation looks impressive but when trying to use it the behaviour is a bit struggling on OSx Catalina:

  • slow to start
  • perspectives do not reset always the same
  • a lot of access to network
  • asks to commit on professional version (?) Seems mixed between teamwork and standalone modes…
  • in wireframe no copy/paste commands (!?) and images may not be simply pasted…
  • save appears to use login feature (!?) Why?

I do not like to share my works in the cloud. Is there a way to be sure that projects are not uploaded or saved outside of my workstation?

Just sharing my impressions.
I would like to use it in a proficient way but for the moment I am disappointed.

Sorry for inconvenient.

We are checking on this issue.

For speed up to identify the issue, could you attach your log file? It can be exported from the About dialog.
You can send it to and include the link to this post in the Email.

Thank you for replying. Maybe I just need to see it running a bit more.

Hi LibAdri,

Thank you for your post. Regarding to the items you reported:

  1. Performance issues could be caused by different factors. It could be problems with our tool or environmental factors. If we will have a chance to read your log file, we may be able to identify the bottleneck easier.

  2. About the reset of perspective and some other issues reported, our engineers have performed some testing but were unable to repeat the cases. Sorry about that. Could you let us know your steps and the result?

  3. We are unclear about what you mean by “a lot of access to network”. May I know what you have done and what problem did you notice?

  4. About commit. You will be asked to commit your project only when your project is managed in VPository or an on-premise VP Server. The reminder is to help you ensure your uncommitted work will be committed to the server so that your co-workers can get the updated changes accordingly.

  5. We will check the issue with the wireframe tool. Thank you for reporting.

  6. About being asked to login when saving, like what I said in point 4, I guess you have already logged into VPository (or VP Server). If you prefer not to save your work in the cloud, I suggest you start over in a clean workspace. Here are the steps:

    1. Go to Help > Switch Workspace.
    2. Specify the path of the new workspace folder and confirm. Visual Paradigm will restart itself into new local workspace folder.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Thank you for your detailed response.
I will follow the advise to change the workspace and see what happens. Perhaps most of the issues are related to the use of a workspace which was in use with previous releases.