Is multi-instance parameter right for me?

I need do set up task for simulation that will do for example 50 cases at once with just one instance. How can i set this up?

I’m sorry that I’m not quite get what you mean by “do for example 50 cases at once with just one instance”. Can you tell me more details about what you want to do? Perhaps some example will help. Thanks!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

In the pool lane i have set up instance number 1 for one person working on this lane with task named Distribution for example. From others lanes came to this task a lot of cases that i need to be processed all in one time for example every 30 minutes. So when to the task came 50 cases after 30 simulation minutes they will be processed or after 30 simulation minutes task will processed all 50 cases.

So i need simulate a person taking all documents for distribution out of task every 30 minutes.

If is possible to set up something like this, it will be very helpfull.