Is my use case diagram ok?

i’m learning use case diagram and i’m just kinda new to this can you leave some comment for me?


Some things that come to mind:

You probably want to be a little more descriptive with your use case names. My suggestion is to describe what the actor is doing in a concise manner. A good rule of thumb is to mention the actor’s end-goal in proceeding with that use case.

Do you really need to model the login procedure? It’s up to you how much detail you want in your models but if your diagram gets a little cluttered, you should ask yourself whether what you’re modelling is too trivial to bother depicting.

I found the following use case diagram online: It may be a good reference for you. Note the descriptive and concise nature of the use case names – it’s telling me what the actors are doing.

Only one little note: many people thinks that Login is NOT a use case, 'cause it neither return any business value nor represents a business goal… (I subscribe this point of view)