Issue with Visual Studio 2015 Integration

On dual screen system over Remote connection (I don’t know if this is a dual screen issue or a dual screen over remote issue):
On the Diagram Navigator toolbar, if you select the expand button of the Update button, the update sub-menu appears under the main button when you are on the primary monitor. When you perform the same operation from the secondary monitor, the sub-menu still appears on the primary monitor. You can still mouse over to the primary monitor and select from the sub-menu and all will operate normally. However, if you press the main toolbar button rather than selecting from the sub-menu (while operating from the secondary monitor), Visual Studio 2015 locks up and can only be closed from the task manager. When the session is restarted, none of the changes made to VPP are saved.

System Specs:

Primary Computer:
OS Windows 10 fully patched

Remote Computer:
OS Windows 10 fully patched
Runs Visual Studio 2015 (fully patched)
Runs VPP 14 (latest)