Issues in code and database generation from UML class diagram

Hi Folks,
I have a class diagram creating a country based profile from the ISO19152 LADM domain model. I am testing the Hibernate tools in VP (version 15.2 standard academic license).
My intention for the test is to generate Java code and a postgreSQL database structure. This last one is also enabled with PostGIS extensions.
While doing a test with a small number of elements for the LA_Party package, I identified three main issues:

  1. The generation does not distinguish classes from enumerations (lists of values with string literals) and creates empty tables in the generated ERD;
  2. The generation does not assume complex data types, although they are present in the diagram. It works just with primitive types such as integers or strings;
    3 . The existing generalization creates a single class for the parent class, including the attributes of the specialized classes. I was expecting the creation of two classes / tables, including the attributes from the parent class.

Is there a way to change this behavior in VP, or a work around that uses some hybrid approach (part automatic, part manual)?

Any suggestions highly appreciated…

Regards, JPH