Java class file

i want to know if it is possible to make it impossible to “uncompile” a java exe file…basically whether it is possible to keep the byte code from being used to view the source code

Hai preeti…
Yeah, its possible to get the source code of a java file from its byte code.
there are so many decompilers are avialable like DJ and Jad and so on.
u can download those tools from net .


i am aslo looking to uncompile a .class file , where can i find some prgrams to do that?

hi JavaTard,
U can uncompile a .class file by using tool like Decafe .Its available in net.

see it is somthing not easy to un compile the binary code to source code
if u do so then all the exe files u download can be changed to class files
this will be a severe threat to software developers but the software can be created to convert the code
and then the person who develops it will be suied

hi preeti [zintah],

its easy to get the s/w from the web by searching but it is unethical one . I was also searching the same in the begining but now i amn`t doing that since that may become trouble to me .