Java code to control a remote pc

Can we control a remote pc in lan from a server pc without a client program being run on the remote machine.i downloaded a program poweroff by Jorgen Bosman( written in C.I think it’s robust,can i find a similar program in java,or will u please guide me how to write a program like that.

Hi sharonbose,

The link to the program just shuts down a local or remote PC. Infact, on further reading you need to run it on both the server and client.

If you want something like this in Java, you could read this thread:

Hope this helps.


Hello …
Y would like to know if there is some progy for me …
Y need a progy that is a scanner for Java Chat … (chat blazer)
Ip scan for Java
or somethin` like that …
Thanx to all _!!


i want to login to a remote system by using this program.

let me know where the error lies cos am unable to figure that out.
waiting for a reply…help!