Java Interface Code Reverse issue (specifically for getter methods)

I have a Java Interface and it has following methods:

public int getAbc();
public int addAbcCorrect();

When we tried to generate class diagram out of it using VP, it created the Interface but created:
a. attribute ‘abc’ of type int
c. method 'addAbcCorrect()

So whenever the method has a return type but does not have parameters to it and is a ‘getter’ method, reverse engineering of code does not work as expected. It should have correctly created 2 methods with correct signatures with correct return type.

We came to this conclusion of the issue/behaviour by experimenting it with various combinations

The solution we are looking at is how to correctly reverse engineer an Interface having a ‘getter’ method so that it correctly creates a function not an attribute out of it.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Nikhil,

You can change this in project options.

Thanks Kit